Ultra High Performance Application Server

MCoreCloud application server - order of magnitude higher performance and lower latency than any existing application servers.

Ultra High Performance Data Server

MCoreCloud in-memory data server - order of magnitude higher performance and lower latency than any in-memory database servers.

Most Promising HPC Solution

MCoreLab® is the cover story of "the most promising HPC solution" on CIO review.


MCoreCloud is a suite of server infrastructure software for the cloud and big data applications. From front-end application server, to middle-tier big-data data server, to network performance, MCoreCloud delivers order of magnitude higher performance and higher scalability than existing OS and server software, and therefore enables the entire data center to perform order of magnitude better.

MCoreCloud product suite includes:
  • Ultra High Performance Application Server / Cloud Server 
    -  100 times lower latency than existing application servers or web servers.
    -  20 to 50 times higher throughput, and order of magnitude higher scalability.
  • Ultra High Performance In-memory Data Server 
    -  100 times lower latency than existing in-memory database servers.
    -  20 to 100 times higher throughput, and order of magnitude higher scalability.
  • Ultra High Performance Low Latency Network
    -  The world's fastest TCP/IP network stack on standard Ethernet.

The Problem We Solve

The online/real-time part of the cluster include the cloud/web application servers, and the middle-tier servers (which often include in-memory data and cache servers among others). They are the work horse of most data center and enterprise application clusters.
However, performance of these systems have not responded to improvement in network bandwidth and server hardware. The real application performance needle does not move much with hardware upgrade. The reason is because these systems have

  • Highly concurrent workloads, and demand real requests handling capacity. The traditional HPC techniques do NOT work here.
  • As a matter of fact, achieving low latency and high performance on highly concurrent servers, is an order of magnitude harder problem.

This is where MCoreCloud comes in -- MCoreCloud delivers the technologies and infrastructure software that solve this problem. And it is the only technology on the market that provides the real solution.

Our Solution


MCoreCloud® solution offers:

  • Order of magnitude higher performance application server. 
  • Order of magnitude higher performance data access. 
  • And real-application high performance network.

In big data and many enterprise applications, the hard architectural problems often involve data access.

• We solved the data access problem head to toe: delivering as much as 100 times performance improvements from data server, to network, to application server's data access service (the client-side relative to data servers).
Note also we added "real-application" to "high performance network", because without true advancement in system software, you won't get much out of the usual high performance network.

• True advancement in system software is exactly what MCoreCloud provide.
The MCoreCloud suite delivers a whole new level of performance and scalability throughout the entire data center infrastructure -- from cloud/application servers, to data access, to the network.

• As one of our customer's VP put it: MCoreCloud is the kind of technology that they will "transition all my platform to".


MCoreRT provides ultra low latency network API and real-time performance on standard Windows and Linux. Applications whose main concern is low latency should use MCoreRT.

MCoreRT Capabilities:

- MCoreRT on Mellanox ConnectX-3/4/5 family of network adapters holds the record as the lowest latency TCP on Ethernet.

- MCoreRT on Intel X710/XL710 and X520 network adapter holds the record as the best performance under high throughput.


MCoreRT® Network Messaging Latency

AdapterProtocolLatency stddev
Mellanox ConnectX-3/4/5
10GbE Adapter
UDP1.5 μs< 100 ns
TCP1.6 μs< 100 ns
AdapterProtocolLatency stddev
Solarflare XtremeScale 2522 AdapterUDP1.8 μs< 100 ns
TCP1.9 μs< 100 ns
AdapterProtocolLatency stddev
Intel Ethernet Adapter X520-2UDP4.0 μs< 100 ns
TCP4.1 μs< 100 ns

Exceptional Support and Service

Our products provide definitive competitive advantages for our customers. Combined with our exceptional customer support and service, customer satisfaction is very high.
Below are some quotes from actual customers email to us, which showcase why customers love the experience of working with us

The quality of our service sets us apart.

- "I've personally worked with several IT providers in the past, and I believe the service you've provided far exceeds my prior experiences."

This and similar comments are echoed by most IT executives and managers we've worked with.

At MCorelab, you get to engineers with the most relevant knowledge and expertise.

Even though our team size is relatively small, the quality of our engineers are the highest. Therefore, working with us, you get access to best engineers in our industry, and therefore the highest quality solution.

At MCorelab, you don't just get a customer support rep, you get our management attention and therefore get to real engineering resource faster than anywhere else.

Indeed, customers have described our engineering turnaround in solving their problem as "microseconds".

Our products represent the most cutting-edge technology, and new direction that opens up new horizon of possibilities. Customers are excited.

"Excited to get [our project] into production, and you + everyone at MCore have been a pleasure to work with."

"My privilege ... what you guys are doing is fantastic."

People who work on projects using our products are often very senior and the elite of their organizations. We feel privileged, and humbled by their experience and knowledge. Yet, they often email thanking us for learning...

"Your detailed exposition has helped refine my understanding greatly... My heartfelt thanks."

"Have learned a lot from working with you and team ..."

Indeed, like all of our customers discovered and told us, the experience working with our products and our crew are exciting, satisfying, learning, and careering advancing.

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