MCoreCloud is a suite of server software for the web/cloud cluster, that delivers order of magnitude higher performance and higher scalability than existing OS and server software.

The key technology components of MCoreCloud:

  1. High Performance Application Server

    • 100 to 1000 times lower latency than existing web application servers.

    • 20 to 50 times higher throughput, and order of magnitude higher scalability.

  2. High Performance In-memory Cache/Data Server

    • Order of magnitude lower latency and higher throughput than any other memcache or in-memory database servers.

  3. High Performance Low Latency Network

    • The world's fastest TCP/IP network stack on standard Ethernet.


The Problem We Solve

The online/real-time part of the cluster include the web application servers, and the middle-tier servers (which often include in-memory data cache servers among others). They are the work horse of most web/cloud and enterprise application clusters.

However, performance of these systems have not responded to improvement in network bandwidth and server hardware. The real application performance needle does not move much with hardware upgrade.

The reason is because the online cluster, which handle requests in real-time, has

  • Highly concurrent workloads, demand real requests handling capacity, while per request data-size is typically small.

  • This is very different from traditional HPC workloads, where existing high performance approaches have evolved around.

The technologies and techniques that have worked for traditional HPC and similar applications, does NOT work here.

As a matter of fact, achieving low latency and high performance on highly concurrent servers, is an order of magnitude harder problem.

This is where MCoreCloud comes in -- MCoreCloud delivers the system software technologies that solve this problem. And it is the only technology on the market that provides the real solution to this problem.


Our Solution

MCoreCloud solution offers:

  1. Order of magnitude higher performance application server.

  2. Order of magnitude higher performance in-memory cache/data server.

  3. Real-application high performance network.

Note we added "real-application" to "high performance network", because without true advancement in system software, you won't get much out of the usual high performance network.

  • True advancement in system software is exactly what MCoreCloud provide.

MCoreCloud Application server and MCoreCloud In-memory Cache/Data Server can be deployed independently, or deployed together to deliver high performance across an entire system.

MCoreCloud Application server includes a high performance HTTP web application server, and ultra high performance Websocket.

MCoreCloud In-memory Cache/Data Server is wire protocol compatible with Memcached protocols, and can transparently replace Memcached clusters.

Both MCoreCloud Application server and MCoreCloud In-memory Cache/Data Server have high performance low latency network built-in.

The MCoreCloud suite delivers a whole new level of performance and scalability throughout the online cluster infrastructure -- from application server, to data access, to the network.

As one of our customer's VP of platform put it: MCoreCloud is the kind of technology that they will "transition all my platform to". Indeed, each and every tier of the system running on MCoreCloud delivers 10 times higher performance. The result is whole system achieving unprecedented competitive advantages.

Contact us and download MCoreCloud today. MCoreCloud is available on both Linux and Windows.